Benno Blome

Summertime in Berlin. Benno Blome DJs an open-air event on the Spree. He puts himself out there and wows the public, ever the cool eye of the happy storm on the dance floor. Night turns to day and day turns back to night. People drop by - and stay. They like the way Benno Blome tries out the new while still respecting the old. And how he tests, pushes and ultimately does away with the boundaries of house and techno. Benno Blome has been standing at the turntables since the mid-90s. He was first initiated into Deejaying by combining Cologne minimalism with Detroit techno. Today, his output makes him an influence in his own right - whether at an intimate afterhours gathering or on a main floor at the best time. "The night before a set, I sometimes dream about a certain track and then I always go looking for it the next day. It doesn't matter how long it takes to find it." To Blome, creating a set means feeling the vibes, putting out his antennas, mixing smoothly and reacting intuitively to the situation. According to the music magazine Groove, "Almost nobody defines the center of techno like Benno Blome." In fact, Benno Blome is active in three creative areas of electronic music. He is the driving force of his own company, the label Sender Records, which has had dozens of timeless releases since it was founded in 1999. He is the global touring DJ, who knows how to make a perfect blend of heart-rending depth and sweaty sawtooth in a well-rounded mix. And then there is Blome the producer, who unceasingly develops his vision of hypnotically rocking, post-minimalism, either solo or in joint projects such as "weltZwei". At Sender, the artist, who was born in Cologne and now lives in Berlin, unites the atmospheric and the narrative through his keen sense for the dance floor. It's an exciting combination that keeps both the feet and the mind in motion. This is exactly where Blome's talent lies, whether as a club DJ or a studio producer. His goal is to reach those magic moments when things flow all by themselves.


Martin Eyerer & Benno Blome: "Hayat", 12" (Sender Records, send086)
Benno Blome: "10 years sender mix", cd (Sender Records, send085cd)
Blome & Tigerskin: "Boomshanker", 12" (Sender Records, send085 part 2)
Benno Blome: "Baby One", 12" (Sender Records, send085 part 1)
Bond & Blome: "Ghost story EP", 12" (Sender Records, send084)
Slang Bang: "Thank you ma'am EP", 12" (Sender Records, send083)
Blome & Tigerskin: "Sheila", 12" (Sender Records, send081)
benno Blome: "Rumbarak/Sarahtov airlines remixes", 12" (Sender Records, send079)
Blome & Tigerskin: "Jubeliane", 12" (Sender Records, send078)

Bond & Blome: "Sniffer Dog", 12" (Sender Records, send076)
benno Blome: "Rumburak / Red Tuna", 12" (Sender Records, send075)

Baby Ford & Benno Blome: "Smoke Machine", 12" (Sender Records, send064)
Brightlight: "How To Build A Monster (Benno Blome Rmx)", 12" (Tic Tac Toe Records, ttt017)

weltZwei: "Radarius", 12" (Sender Records, send055)
Bond & Blome: "Tentacular", 12" (Sender Records, send063)
Benno Blome: "Time To Jak", 12" (Sender Records, send058)

Benno Blome: "Transmitter/blau", 12" (Sender Records, send053)
Blome & Grummich: "Crystal Avenue", 12" (Sender Records, send049)
Benno Blome: "Satellite City", 12" (Sender Records, send025)
Minimal Man: "Plastic Smile (Benno Blome Remix)", 12" (Sender Records, send037)

Blome & Grummich: "Programmier Die Nacht", 12" (Sender Records, send040)
weltZwei: "Expander (2 Dollar Egg Remix)" on "Receiving Data...Ah, It´s Coming!", CD + 2x12" (Sender Records, send030)
Blome & Grummich: "Strahler" on "Receiving Data....Ah, It´s Coming!" CD + 2x12" (Sender Records, send030)
Basteroid: "Against Luftwiderstand (weltZwei Remix)", 12" (Areal Records, Areal020)

Blome & Grummich: "Headcleaner", 12" (Sender Records, send027)
weltZwei: "Expander Remixed", 12" (Sender Records, send028)
weltZwei: "Expander", 12" (Sender Records, send024)

Benno Blome: "Loop A3" on "Sender Loops 24_2", 12" (Sender Records, send020)
weltZwei: "On Standby", 12" (Sender Records, send013)

Benno Blome: "S-Code" on "Sender − Panorama CD", CD (Sender Records, send010)
Benno Blome: "Signal" on "Electronic Cosmetics", CD + 2x12" (Salo CD 01 + Salo 13)
Benno Blome: "Loop A2" on "Sender Loops 24", 12" (Sender Records, send008)
weltZwei: "Intercity", 12" (Sender Records, send006)

weltZwei: "Auf Empfang", 12" (Sender Records, send003)